turkey aims to increase investment in energy sector

عبارت turkey aims to increase investment in energy sector در بین اطلاعات کلیه وب سایتها جستجو شده و نتایج با ذکر منبع نمایش داده شده است. با توجه به جمع آوری خودکار مطالب از وب سایتها لطفا در صورت مشاهده هرگونه تخلف و یا اخبار و مطالب نا مناسب و یا اعتراض به انتشار مطالب بر روی لینک ‘درخواست حذف’ کلیک نمائید.

turkey plans to invest $11 billion into the country’s energy sector during 2017-2023, a source in the ministry of energy and natural resources of turkey told trend.
dutch investment in turkey is not at risk from the recent diplomatic row between the two countries, as ankara's ire is focused on the dutch government, not its people or businesses, turkey's minister for eu affairs told reuters.
austrian energy company omv said wednesday it signed a memorandum of understanding with iran to discuss the country's rebounding energy sector.
print email iran to see arrival of mvnos amid other reforms to telecoms sector – r&m mobile services are widely available in iran, with services on offer from three major mobile network operators - mci, mtn irancell and rightel - which are able to offer services on a national basis.   in march 2017 competition in the mobile sector was set to increase further with the country's largest isp, shatel group, reportedly given permission to begin offering full mvno services in iran. it would operate under the brand name shatel mobile. hiweb, which signed a partnership deal with vodafone group in october 2016, was also awarded a licence from the cra to offer sim cards under a local brand name.   mobile data services are available but account for a small proportion of total
the german government said on wednesday there had been a significant increase in turkish spying in germany, where tensions within the large turkish community have escalated ahead of next month's referendum on turkey's presidency.
venezuela has "the largest reserve of hydrocarbons in the world and, from that point of view, any oil company should aspire to work in this country."
samsung is a global leader in manufacturing parts for smartphones and other smart devices, but it has even bigger plans there. the company announced it will investment $18.6 billion in memory chip, soc, and oled display production to answer the increasing demand for such components. the new complex in pyeongtaek according to reuters, memory manufacturers will post record profits in 2017 due to high demand. samsung plans to respond with krw14.4 trillion (about $12.5 billion) put in a new nand factory. a new production line for semiconductors is also planned. it will cost additional...
turkey has been carrying out air strikes against the outlawed kurdistan workers’ party (pkk) in northern iraq in order to stop militants from infiltrating into turkey when the weather conditions improve and as a part of security measures for the upcoming referendum on shifting turkey to an executive presidency.
oppo made the headlines when oppo r9 topped the best selling smartphone in china list for the first time after apple's reign for 5 straight years. the dongguan-based company had its best year in 2016 and now aims for even better results in 2017. the vendor ramped up shipments by 132.9% to 99.4 million units last year with 7.3% global share. now, according to sources, we know the target oppo goes for in 2017 - the company targets 160 million units for 2017, or about 60% increase over the previous year. other sources suggest milder growth - 20% to 120 million devices. in order to...
although during the recent months the us administration has tried to increase the pressures on iran with the excuse of tehran’s non-compliance to the nuclear deal, the international atomic energy agency once again declared that iran has so far fulfilled its commitments according to the deal.
amnesty international on may 22 accused the turkish government of implementing “arbitrary dismissals” of public sector workers since the july 15, 2016 coup attempt, widely believed to have been masterminded by the followers of u.s.-based islamic preacher fethullah gülen.
saudi arabia and russia plan to set up a $1-billion fund to invest in energy projects, russian energy minister alexander novak said on monday.
there are reportedly fears on the eu side that a post-brexit british economy, freed from the burden of eu regulation, will be able to jobs and investment out of europe.
april fools is for playing funny, harmless pranks on others. oneplus is stepping up the game - it will hand out dash energy for humans as well as offering a 15% discount on a bundle of dash power adapters and dash type-c cables at its website. on april 1st oneplus will launch a paign at various places across the globe. the company will hand out energy drinks named dash energy that give "a day's power for half an hour," hinting that its dash charge technology already does the same for your phone. according to oneplus: dash energy is a limited-edition energy drink that unlocks a...
the uk withdrawal from the european union may result in britain's losing up to 30,000 jobs in the financial sector, while the remaining eu countries would be able to accelerate development of their financial markets and improve resilience against shocks, bruegel think tank's report said wednesday.
uk firms are cautiously eying opportunities in iran ahead of an expected $600bn boom in trade and infrastructure investment over the next ten years.
english regions including the north and the midlands will receive a multibillion-pound investment in an effort to reduce the weighting of the economy towards london.
a top turkish ruling party official was banned on march 17 from addressing turkish expat community in the northern german state of lower saxony, in a move that is likely to further increase tensions between germany and turkey.
theresa may will ask the european union to hand back nine billion pounds of the uk funds held by the european investment bank, local media reported.
air balloon hard lending in central turkey killed a french tourist and injured nationals of colombia, france and turkey.
once deemed to be just a temporary tension between two nato allies, us-turkey rift has now come to the public eyes with the two countries mutually suspending the work of their consulates. however, the issue has started to affect turkey at the economic sphere.
کمپانی انرجایزر (energizer) که بسیاری از ما آن را با تولید باتری ها می شناسیم، در نمایشگاه mwc 2017 حاضر شد و از اولین اسمارت فون خود رونمایی کرد. هرچند مثل نام و فعالیت های قبلی این شرکت، خبری از یک محصول ظریف نیست و گوشی energizer energy e550lte می تواند همراهی سرسخت برای ماجراجویان باشد. انرجایزر انرژی ای ... نوشته گوشی energizer energy e550lte ؛ اولین تلفن هوشمند باتری ساز یی با دوربین دوگانه اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد.
us president donald trump and turkey's recep tayyip erdogan agreed in a phone call on urday to continue to work toward stronger ties and regional security, erdogan’s office said, a day after he lashed out at us authorities for indicting one of his ex-ministers.
turkey has sent a new file to the u.s. to beef up its evidences demanding the extradition of fethullah gülen, the pennsylvania-based leader of the gülenist movement, which is widely believed to have orchestrated the july 15, 2016 coup attempt in turkey.
hurriyet - some european union countries cannot tolerate turkey’s rise as an emerging power, president recep tayyip erdoğan said on march 13, accusing them of working against the “yes” vote in turkey’s april 16 constitutional referendum.
for investors in russia’s energy and metals sectors, the us senate’s bill to expand sanctions was a blow. whether it will hurt russian companies targeted by the legislation is less certain.
turkey’s foreign minister has said if a far-right, anti-immigrant german party wanted to paign in turkey, it would be free do to so.
japanese prime minister shinzo abe is considering increasing energy imports from the united states, two sources familiar with the plan told reuters, as he prepares to meet president donald trump, who has complained about japan's trade surplus.
turkey has launched a military operation in syria to pursue political objectives, rather than security or humanitarian goals, ewwas eli, a senior member of the democratic union party (pyd), told sputnik turkey, adding that ankara plans to take control over the neighboring arab country.
the turkish chief of staff gen. hulusi akar, the u.s. chairman of the joint staff joseph dunford and the russian chief of staff valery gerasimov are having an unscheduled meeting in turkey, the turkish military has said.
iran will pay $1.9 billion compen ion to turkey in line with decision of the international court of arbitration which ruled in favor of turkey over a gas price dispute between the countries which dated from 2012, hamid reza araqi, iran's deputy minister of petroleum said on tuesday.
the government of turkey encourages the astana process and is interested in it, said abdullah gul, ex president of turkey.
russia and turkey have reached an agreement around the negotiations on supplying s-400 triumf antiaircraft weapon system to turkey.
in this complex picture, one could almost forget the eu-turkey relationship, in which no progress is possible on subjects such as turkey’s accession negotiations or visa facilitation, given the dismal state of the rule of law in the country. this was the gist of the brief talks between erdoğan, european council president donald tusk, and european commission president jean-claude juncker on may 25 in brussels.
energy minister said that russia is hoping that the diplomatic row involving qatar and several of its neighbors will find a political solution, as the situation in the region is important for the oil market.
russia and turkey agreed on the technical specifications of a contract that would supply turkey with long-range air defense systems s-400 triumph, russian state conglomerate rostec's director for international cooperation and regional policy viktor kladov said wednesday.
there is no evidence a pact by global oil producers to curb output needs to be adjusted, saudi arabian energy minister khalid al falih said on urday, describing the recent weakness in crude prices as an overreaction to statistical glitches.

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