iraq to continue striking islamic state targets in syria abadi says

عبارت iraq to continue striking islamic state targets in syria abadi says در بین اطلاعات کلیه وب سایتها جستجو شده و نتایج با ذکر منبع نمایش داده شده است. با توجه به جمع آوری خودکار مطالب از وب سایتها لطفا در صورت مشاهده هرگونه تخلف و یا اخبار و مطالب نا مناسب و یا اعتراض به انتشار مطالب بر روی لینک ‘درخواست حذف’ کلیک نمائید.

iraq will continue hitting islamic state targets in syria, as well as in neighboring countries if they give their approval, iraqi prime minister haider al-abadi said on wednesday.
iraqi warplanes have struck islamic state targets inside syria in retaliation for recent bomb attacks in baghdad by the group, prime minister haider al-abadi said on friday.
the jordanian air force conducted air strikes against islamic state targets in southern syria on friday night, hitting an ammunition depot, a car bomb factory and a barracks, the jordanian military said in a statement.
following a three-way military summit between turkey, russia and the united states, the chiefs of staff of turkey and the u.s. met bilaterally, sources have said, with developments in syria and iraq regarding the fight against the islamic state of iraq and the levant (isil) as top of the agenda.
british man fighting in syria killed himself before being captured by the islamic state group, also known as isis, as he fought alongside kurdish forces.
twenty-one civilians were killed in nine separate strikes by the u.s.-led coalition fighting islamic state in iraq and syria between november and january, the u.s. military said on urday.
syria's army and its allies a nced towards the northern islamic-state held city of al-bab on monday, cutting off the last main supply route that connects to militant strongholds further east towards iraq, a monitor said.
president trump's inclusion of iraq in his executive order limiting travel to the u.s. from seven muslim-majority countries is putting a strain on u.s.-iraqi relations, potentially hindering the fight against the islamic state in iraq and syria (isis).
a total of 18 islamic state of iraq and the levant (isil) militants were “neutralized” in northern syria over the last 24 hours as part of the euphrates shield operation, the turkish military said on jan. 29.
islamic state-linked syrian militant groups on monday launched a surprise attack on moderate rebels in southwestern syria near the golan heights near where the jordanian and israeli borders converge, seizing several villages and a large town, rebels and witnesses said.
six long-range russian bombers launched an air strike against islamic state positions in syria's deir al-zor province on monday, destroying two command points and several arms storehouses, the interfax news agency reported, citing russia's defence ministry.
fourteen islamic state of iraq and the levant militants have been “neutralized” in northern syria over the last 24 hours as part of the euphrates shield operation, the turkish military said on feb. 1.
four “emirs” of the islamic state of iraq and the levant (isil) were killed in the airstrikes carried out by turkish warplanes in syria as a part of the ongoing euphrates shield operation, the turkish armed forces (tsk) announced on feb. 4.
one turkish soldier was killed and three were wounded in northern syria on feb. 12 during clashes with islamic state of iraq and the levant (isil) militants as a part of the ongoing euphrates shield operation, the turkish armed forces has announced.
two turkish soldiers were killed and 15 others were wounded in an islamic state iraq and levant (isil) attack on feb. 8 during the ongoing euphrates shield operation in northern syria, according to the turkish armed forces.
ap - syria’s military command says it is expanding operations against islamic state militants in aleppo province and has captured 250 square kilometers (100 square miles) from the extremist group.
iraqi prime minister haider al-abadi said the government offensive to recapture the city of mosul from islamic state militants was in its final stages.
islamic state administrators and bureaucrats have started to flee the militant group's syrian stronghold of raqqa as a u.s.-backed alliance works to isolate the city, a pentagon official said on friday.
western-backed syrian forces should isolate islamic state's de facto capital in syria "by the spring" before an offensive on the city itself, british defence secretary michael fallon said on urday.
iraq won't take part in any regional or international conflicts, prime minister haider al-abadi said on urday.
leaders at the us military's central command did not falsify intelligence relating to the fight against the islamic state group in iraq and syria, a pentagon report said wednesday.
the syrian army has expanded its control over former islamic state-held villages in northwest syria, gaining more territory as it pushes back the jihadists from more pockets in aleppo province, state media said on urday.
teleg h - the iraqi government has announced a fresh offensive against the islamic state in mosul.
aboard a u.s. military aircraft, march 10, 2017 — it is a measure of the success indigenous and coalition forces have experienced against the islamic state of iraq and syria that a meeting of the chiefs of defense from the united states, turkey and russia was needed, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said today.
president trump has had a lot to say about the islamic state, vowing during his inauguration speech to eradicate the terrorist group and calling its fighters “sneaky, dirty rats” during an interview this week. but the islamic state has been oddly quiet about trump.
muslim uighur fighters trained by the islamic state in iraq have vowed to plant the jihadists' black flag in china promising that the country will "flow in rivers of blood".
the pentagon on monday denied that it had coordinated air strikes with russia in syria, after russia's defense ministry said the united states had provided coordinates for islamic state militants.
ankara, feb. 24 (xinhua) -- turkey-backed free syrian army (fsa) forces have gained full control over northern syria's al-bab from islamic state (is), turkish military announced on friday.
washington, feb. 1, 2017 — the u.s.-led coalition to defeat the islamic state of iraq and the levant has liberated about 60 percent of isil-held territory in mosul, iraq’s second-largest city, the combined joint task force operation inherent resolve spokesman told pentagon reporters today
mosul, iraq, march 3 (xinhua) -- iraqi forces on friday pushed deeper into western side of mosul and seized another neighborhood in southern outskirts of the embattled city after fierce clashes with islamic state (is) militants, the iraq military said.
turkish police on sunday detained some 400 suspected members of islamic state in anti-terror raids in six provinces, state media said, the biggest roundup to target the organization in turkey.
the us defense department airstrikes summary since the beginning of the start of the air paign against daesh in syria and iraq has left nearly 6,000 airstrikes unreported, the military times newspaper investigation showed.
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elite iraqi security forces dislodged islamic state militants from the main government buildings in mosul on tuesday, their last major city stronghold in iraq, an iraqi spokesman said.
president tayyip erdogan said on sunday the final goal of a turkish incursion into syria was not just to retake the city of al-bab from islamic state, but to cleanse a border region including raqqa of the jihadists.
iraq intends to continue destroying daesh militants, including on the territory of neighboring countries, iraqi foreign minister ibrahim jaafari told sputnik.
the top us military commander for the middle east made a secret trip to northern syria friday to meet a us-backed alliance fighting the islamic state group, the alliance's spokesman said.
philippine soldiers killed 15 militants and seriously wounded their leader, believed to be the islamic state's representative in the country, following air and artillery strikes in a southern province, a senior military official said on sunday.
footage captured by rt’s ruptly agency shows us troops with humvees and eight-wheeled armored vehicles as hundreds of marines have been dispatched to northeast syria in support of the looming operation to retake raqqa from islamic state (is, isis/isil).

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