angela merkel hopes to consolidate gains in big german state election

عبارت angela merkel hopes to consolidate gains in big german state election در بین اطلاعات کلیه وب سایتها جستجو شده و نتایج با ذکر منبع نمایش داده شده است. با توجه به جمع آوری خودکار مطالب از وب سایتها لطفا در صورت مشاهده هرگونه تخلف و یا اخبار و مطالب نا مناسب و یا اعتراض به انتشار مطالب بر روی لینک ‘درخواست حذف’ کلیک نمائید.

germany’s most populous state votes sunday in an unexpectedly tight election that is widely seen as a dress rehearsal for the national elections in september, when chancellor angela merkel will seek a fourth term.
angela merkel, the german chancellor, admitted she was facing the toughest election paign of her career on monday, as a shock opinion poll found her party trailing for the first time in almost seven years.
the run-up to the upcoming german election has begun with the second-biggest party announcing who will fight against chancellor angela merkel.
on thursday, german chancellor angela merkel was invited to the bundestag parliamentary committee to testify on the nsa and bnd espionage scandal that shocked german residents in 2015. during her speech merkel stuck to her old position, saying that she knew nothing about the spying activities of german intelligence.
angela merkel is reportedly to call for more migrants to be deported from germany as she tries to fight back against growing support for her main challenger in september’s election.
germany's conservative parties agreed on monday to nominate angela merkel as their candidate for chancellor in a sept. 24 election despite their long feud over how to tackle the migrant influx, participants at a conservative meeting told reuters.
german social democrats caught up to chancellor angela merkel’s conservative bloc of the christian democrats and the christian social union after gaining one percent, poll published on sunday revealed.
for angela merkel, sunday will be a moment of truth. martin schulz, the man many believe could topple her after more than a decade in power, faces his first real test at the ballot box in regional elections. and if the polls are right, he is on course to win a stunning upset.
even though the election paign in germany is yet to begin it appears that a steadily increasing number of voters would prefer to see social democratic party’s (spd) martin schulz as their chancellor instead of angela merkel.
german chancellor angela merkel says there’s no solution yet to the problem of how to fairly share the burden of migration among european union member states.
opinion polls suggest the former head of the european parliament and outspoken brexit critic has transformed the german political scene since he emerged as mrs merkel’s main challenger a week ago.
german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives widened the lead over their social democrat rivals, according to a poll published on tuesday, which showed her party and the pro-business free democrats winning enough seats to govern together.
german chancellor angela merkel ruled out trading provocations with turkey on march 16 after president recep tayyip erdoğan sharply criticized bans on planned rallies by turkish ministers in germany and the netherlands.
germany’s main center-left party is backing former european parliament president martin schulz to lead their paign to unseat chancellor angela merkel in the country’s upcoming election.
german chancellor angela merkel said on urday that germany needed to fulfill its commitment to boost defense spending to meet nato's target of 2 percent of gross domestic product.
german chancellor angela merkel met with saudi arabia’s king salman and his successors in her first visit to the kingdom in seven years, saying she pressed them on women’s rights, the war in yemen and other sensitive issues.
german chancellor angela merkel on urday said europe's ties with russia remained challenging, but it was important to work with russia in the fight against islamist terrorism.
german chancellor angela merkel will meet president recep tayyip erdogan and other turkish officials for talks focusing on a troubled european union deal with turkey to stem the flow of migrants.
germany's center-left social democrats (spd) remained steady at 32 percent support over the past week, one percentage point behind chancellor angela merkel's conservative christian democrats, according to a poll published on wednesday.
support for germany's social democrats (spd) nudged up to 32 percent, one percentage point behind chancellor angela merkel's conservatives, over the past week, according to a poll published on wednesday.
hurriyet - german chancellor angela merkel urged turkey’s president recep tayyip erdoğan on april 17 to seek “respectful dialogue” within the country after his narrow win in a referendum extending his powers.
the german government will not rule out a ban on turkish politicians paigning in germany, chancellor angela merkel’s chief of staff said in an interview published on march 15 amid an escalating row between ankara and european countries.
the lead in voter support for german chancellor angela merkel's conservative alliance over the center-left social democrats (spd) shrank to a multi-year low of 4 percentage points, an opinion poll showed on sunday.
popular support of the german social democratic (spd) party continues to grow, reaching 31 percentage points, after martin schulz be e the spd candidate for the post of the state’s chancellor, a fresh insa poll showed tuesday.
teleg h - europe should impose punitive tariffs on imports from the united states if president donald trump acts to shield u.s. industries from foreign competitors, a senior ally of german chancellor angela merkel said in a newspaper interview.
angela merkel faces a "make or break" meeting with donald trump on tuesday in which she is under pressure to bury the hatchet with the president, or risk plunging us-germany relations to a new low.
angela merkel on monday called for calm as an escalating row threatened to destabilise relations with turkey and jeopardise the eu’s controversial migrant deal.
german chancellor angela merkel arrived in russia today for talks on major issues, including the crisis in ukraine and syria. at the same time, the presidents of russia and the us are supposed to have phone conver ion about – probably – the same issues. now the question is that whether this new diplomatic activism could help the syrian situation move into a kind of internationally-agreed solution.
nine decades of rule by president enrique pena nieto's institutional revolutionary party (pri) in mexico's most populous state are hanging in the balance in an election that could batter its hopes of keeping power nationally in 2018.
saudi arabia and germany will sign several agreements during the visit of chancellor angela merkel, who will arrive in jeddah on sunday, german amb ador dieter w. haller said on urday.
as many as 43.5 percent of germans would like to see martin schulz from the social democratic party as the country's next chancellor rather than the incumbent angela merkel, a poll showed.
germany's center-left social democrat party (spd) led chancellor angela merkel's conservatives in an opinion poll by the insa institute published on tuesday in the m -selling newspaper bild.
the french election has always held significance for britain, since france is one half of the franco-german axis that has always been a determining factor in the direction of the european union (eu).
germany's center-left social democrats (spd) have moved ahead of chancellor angela merkel's conservative christian democrats (cdu/csu) in an opinion poll by the emnid institute for the first time since 2006, bild am sonntag newspaper said.
angela merkel said that the reelection of donald tusk for the second term as the european council chief would be a sign of stability for the entire european union.
india's ruling political party has won a crucial state election, strengthening its ability to push through a development agenda in the world's fastest growing major economy.
german authorities searched homes and other properties in the german state of north-rhine westphalia and britain on wednesday to gather evidence about two suspects believed to have supported the islamist group "jabhat al-nusra," the chief federal prosecutor's office said.
francois fillon’s troubled election paign suffered yet another blow on march 14 when magistrates put him under formal investigation on suspicion of embezzling state funds, a first for a presidential candidate in france.

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