htc alpine and htc ocean note specs revealed

مطلب و یا خبر htc alpine and htc ocean note specs revealed از سایت جی اس ام آرنا به همراه لینک مرجع آن بازنشر شده است و مسئولیت مطالب درج شده بر عهده نگارنده آن میباشد.

htc is going bold in order to stay relevant - the company will announce its new handsets between ces and mwc. rumors about new devices were going around for some time about the new devices from the taiwanese company but two days ahead of the event we have more information about their specifications. january 12 will be the crucial date for htc when it reveals to the world htc alpine (htc u play), htc ocean note (htc u ultra) and htc e66 (htc x10). here's what we know by now: htc u play the htc u play is a midrange offer with 5.2-inch full hd display and a helio p10 chipset...

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