htc u play debuts with 5.2" 1080p screen

مطلب و یا خبر htc u play debuts with 5.2" 1080p screen از سایت جی اس ام آرنا به همراه لینک مرجع آن بازنشر شده است و مسئولیت مطالب درج شده بر عهده نگارنده آن میباشد.

the wait is over - htc finally revealed its new handsets - htc u ultra and htc u play. the first is a 5.7" phablet which we already told you about. the htc u play is a smaller and slightly more accessible device. its 1080p screen stretches at 5.2 inches and comes with htc sense companion. it's an ai istant that comes with 4 always-on active microphones that will help you unlock your phone with voice commands, manage your battery use to reflect your daily patterns and make suggestions about your agenda. but let's talk about about the design - htc u play has a body that...


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