instagram to show adverts in stories

مطلب و یا خبر instagram to show adverts in stories از سایت جی اس ام آرنا به همراه لینک مرجع آن بازنشر شده است و مسئولیت مطالب درج شده بر عهده نگارنده آن میباشد.

instagram announced it will start showing adverts within stories - pictures and short videos that last 24 hours before dissapearing in the abyss (or instagram's servers). you can reach them at the top of the feed and apparently you will also reach adverts by third parties now. full-screen ads will appear between different users' stories but will be skippable. instagram said that 150m people a day are using this feature, the same as snapchat's daily users. in order to not feel confused if you followed a brand or not, videos will be marked sponsored. james quarles, vp of instagram...


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