samsung patents notched and full screen designs

مطلب و یا خبر samsung patents notched and full screen designs از سایت جی اس ام آرنا به همراه لینک مرجع آن بازنشر شده است و مسئولیت مطالب درج شده بر عهده نگارنده آن میباشد.

samsung is among the few makers yet to release notched displays, but the maker might be about to succumb to the peer pressure. a new set of listings revealed that the south korean company has patented a design featuring a screen with a prominent cutout. it will house a proximity sensor, earpiece, and a selfie era, while the screen stretches to all four sides, leaving minimal bezels. the back, though, is pictured with various era setups, one of them suspiciously close to the one on the iphone x. looking at the images, it seems samsung has patented all the designs just in...

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