xiaomi mi mix 3 rear panel leaks

مطلب و یا خبر xiaomi mi mix 3 rear panel leaks از سایت جی اس ام آرنا به همراه لینک مرجع آن بازنشر شده است و مسئولیت مطالب درج شده بر عهده نگارنده آن میباشد.

xiaomi's mi mix lineup, the one that started the bezelless craze, is about to get a new member - mi mix 3. a p o of the rear panel appeared, suggesting the new phablet might have a dual vertical era setup on the back. the panel looks a lot like the back of the iphone x but with a fingerprint scanner and a "mi mix designed by xiaomi" slogan on it. this is quite an early leak and this might be just one of series of prototypes xiaomi is working on for the next mi mix flagship. the manufacturer has introduced two completely different designs of vertical era setup: two lenses...